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How to Submit Projects

  • Delete the existing file if it exists.
  • Compress your unit01 folder into a new file.
  • Print each page of the project.
    • For each project part, 4 in all
    • Open the page and enter any input needed
    • Then save the completed output Print --> Save as PDF
  • Login to Blackboard and access our course.
  • Click on the Learning Unit Submission link in the left navigation
  • Click on the project link for submission.
  • Click the Browse button and find your .zip file and attach it
  • Do the same for each PDF file.
  • You should have 5 files attached to the project submission, & 4 PDF files of the output page.
  • Enter your name and any other comments in the Comments area.
  • Click the Submit button, not the Save button.
  • Verify the submission was successfully processed.


Hands on work


  1. Submitting a Project
    • unit01/labs/lab-08-practiceSubmission.html